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Remembering Salfords 2015 Boxing Day Floods


The 2015 Boxing Day floods were one of the worst in Salford’s history. Over 300 homes in the Lower Broughton area were flooded. Haelo’s latest film – Flood, Sweat and Tears documents the remarkable efforts of the recovery operation in the months after the floods. People of all ages from across the region came to help with the clean up and to help the community get back on their feet. In the year since the disaster, social housing provider Salix Homes has carried out major repairs and improvement programmes, including flood resilience measures, on more than 300 flood-affected properties. The community and local services now hold regular meetings to ensure that should the area flood again, they will be better prepared and have a plan in place to best deal with the situation. This film shows the resilience of the residents and perfectly encapsulates the community spirit synonymous with Salford.


Flood, Sweat and Tears on YouTube

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