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Green Handyperson

Give your home a free green makeover & save money
Green Handyperson is a free service, which could save you hundreds of pounds each year on your fuel bills, through a free, green home makeover.
If offers a friendly home visit to assess your energy use, and helps to identify how you could be using less and saving money.
Following an initial assessment, the Green Handyperson can install the following energy saving measures free of charge.

  • energy efficient lightbulbs
  • draught excluders
  • hot water tank jackets
  • reflective radiator panels, which reflect heat back into the room
  • TV and computer ‘power-downs’

The scheme can also refer you on to other energy saving help such as replacing your boiler or loft & wall insulation.

Who can use the service?
To qualify for the Green Handyperson service you must live in Salford. We provide some types of work free to those who need it most, including customers who:

  • are over 65 and on a low income
  • have a physical or sensory disability or
  • are a family on a low income, with a child under five

The service is supported by Salford City Council and environmental charity Groundwork.

Some simple no cost tips to save you money and energy

  • Turn lights off when not needed
  • Close doors in unused rooms
  • Close curtains at night to retain heat
  • Clean windows regularly to make the most of daylight
  • Turn electrical appliances off at the plug – leaving them on standby still wastes money
  • Make sure when cooking, the pan fits the ring correctly
  • Only fill the kettle with as much water as is required (cover the element of course!)
  • Turn down central heating thermostat by 1 degree centigrade, it can save about 10% of your heating bill
  • Don’t put hot food in the fridge or leave the door open